The ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot knee is a ball-in-socket knee. The femur of the ADVANCE® MP knee functions as the ball where the insert functions as the socket. This allows ADVANCE® to have a stable, conforming medial side with a lateral side that allows 15 degrees of motion in an arcuate path.

Instability is a leading cause of short-term total knee implant revisions. MicroPort's Medial-Pivot Knee System's proprietary ball-in-socket mechanism provides stability. Traditional total knee implants do not feature a ball-in-socket mechanism. Without ball-in-socket articulation, traditional knees can be less stable and more likely to slide forward during a patient's daily activities. This slide forward is commonly referred to as paradoxical motion. Paradoxical motion can even cause a patient's knee to exhibit noises such as pops, clicks, and clunks. Ball-in-socket knees have also been shown to produce greater range of motion when compared to traditional PS knees and have a femoral rollback profile similar to the natural knee.

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ADVANCE Medial-Pivot Kinematics

The goal of any total knee implant system is to provide the patient with a long-lasting solution that addresses their knee pain. However, patient expectations and satisfaction levels have steadily increased and patients require an option that most closely replicates the function of the normal knee. Multiple studies have characterized the movement of the normal knee, illustrating greater posterior translation of the lateral condyle over the medial condyle with increasing flexion. The normal knee has the ability to achieve higher ranges of active and passive flexion than conventional knee implants. As such, the need for a long-lasting knee system that can achieve normal knee kinematics, is stable throughout the range of motion, and incorporates features that assist in maximizing permissible flexion is desirable.

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