PROFEMUR® Total Hip System

The PROFEMUR® Hip System provides surgeons with a modular approach to total hip arthroplasty. Proximal and distal segments allow easy matching of implants to host bone. Splined, tapered and plasma-sprayed components provide optional distal fixation methods. The unique modular neck component allows soft tissue balancing and easy restoration of the hip joint center of rotation. This modular approach to implant design provides surgeons with unsurpassed options for primary and revision hip surgery.

The PROFEMUR® Hip System has been an evolutionary design. Today MicroPort offers the PROFEMUR® System with enhanced instruments and additional stem designs to provide our customers with a comprehensive implant system to appeal to virtually any physician's preference in implant selection.

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The Leader in Orthopaedic Innovation

Wright is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of superior, easy to use, and innovative orthopaedic implants and instrumentation.

For over 50 years, Wright has provided a comprehensive portfolio of products that include;

Large Joint Implants

  • Hip
  • Knee

Extremity Implants

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hand
  • Wrist
  • Foot


  • Bone graft Substitutes
  • Soft-Tissue Repair

Wright has established a reputation as a leader in orthopaedic innovation, specifically for hips, with the introduction of a LINEAGE® Ceramic Bearing Surface, A-CLASS® Advanced Metal, BFH® Large Diameter Femoral Head component, PROFEMUR® Modular Neck Technology, and CONSERVE® Resurfacing.

These innovations provide surgeons with the flexibility to determine the option that will provide the highest quality of care for their patients.

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