Your doctor has determined that the best treatment for your spine condition is the use of a halo immobilization brace. Whatever the reason for your condition, your halo brace will get you off your back and on the road to recovery.

For the next several weeks, you will have to adapt to a different lifestyle that revolves around your immobilization device. This booklet has been written especially for you to help guide you through this transition and help you along your road to recovery as comfortably as possible.

The ReSolve Halo System

A halo brace is used to immobilize your neck. Designed to be an external fixation device for the cervical and upper thoracic spine, the halo brace serves as a rigid frame that holds the head in a fixed position. It also alleviates much of the burden of supporting the head from the neck.

The ReSolve Halo System represents a tested and proven method of immobilizing the cervical spine externally. It also provides a much more comfortable alternative to plaster casting techniques used in the past. The main advantage of the halo brace, however, is that it may permit you to be mobile sooner than if your treatment required a long period of bed restriction. Another key advantage of the halo brace is that it gives the physician an alternative to surgery in the delicate cervical spine area.

The main parts of the halo are shown on the diagram below. The halo is divided into four main sections: pins, ring, superstructure and vest.

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