Lerman Minerva Orthosis
Now MR Safe

The Lerman Minerva cervical-thoracic orthosis is used to support and stabilize the cervical spine and upper thoracic spine after injury or surgery.

The product has been upgraded with non-ferrous, non-magnetic materials for MR application.

 Size Model  Description  Height
Regular  A193REG LM Regular MR  13.0-16.0", 33-41cm 
Small  A193SM LM Small MR  11.0-13.0", 28-33cm 
Pediatric  A193PED LM Pediatric MR  9.0-11.0", 23-28cm 


C2-T3 stable fractures, muscular/ligamentous injury, degenerative joint disease, cervical pain/nerve impingement

Unstable fractures, Type II Dens fractures

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