The MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) System is used in the treatment of severe progressive spinal deformities. MAGEC is an adjustable growing rod that utilizes an External Remote Controller (ERC) to non-invasively distract the implant. Following a surgical procedure to implant the MAGEC rod, the device is distracted using the MAGEC ERC, thereby eliminating the need for additional surgeries to distract the spine, as with traditional growing rods.

Product Benefits

  • Proprietary magnet technology
  • Non-invasive adjustment via an external remote controller
  • Device is reversible
  • Bi-directional axial adjustment to a maximum of 48 mm
  • Single or dual rod constructs
  • Independent distraction capability on dual rod constructs

How MAGEC Works
The MAGEC System includes proprietary spinal implants (growing rods) and an External Remote Controller (ERC). Magnets outside the body contained in the ERC communicate with magnets in the implanted MAGEC rod to adjust its length. MAGEC works with standard pedicle screws and hooks for increased ease of use. The MAGEC ERC is a portable, hand held unit that uses permanent magnets to modify the length of the growing rod. The amount of distraction is visible on the MAGEC ERC display screen.

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